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Where is Shankara Jewellery Based?

Shankara Jewellery is a New Zealand based Company and is situated on the North Shore in Auckland.

What Currency do you take?

We take New Zealand Dollars, but you can pay through Paypal with a Credit Card. To find an exchange rate you can try this will give you a guide to international exchange rates.

Maori Designs and Meanings

Maori Fish Hook Pewter Pendant
Fish Hook – Hei Matau – The fishhook symbolizes prosperity, abundance, good health, a respect for the sea, and the life in it.


Maori Spiral Pendant in Pewter

Spiral – Koru – Depicts new beginnings,growth and harmony.



Triple Twist – Crossover – Represents a bonding of friendship, two lives becoming one for all eternity.

Manaia – The carrier of supernatural powers.

Adze – Toki – A representation of Strength & Honour.

Patu and Mere – A Weapon or Club – Facing and Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Difficulties.

Maori Whale Tail Pendant in PewterThe Whale Tail – Muri Paraoa – Represents Strength and Speed.


Teardrop – Roimata – A Representation of Healing and Comfort

The First Man – Tiki –  A powerful Good Luck Symbol

Heart – A Symbol of Friendship

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver or more plus other metals

What is German Silver?

German Silver, also called Nickel Silver is very misleading as it contains no silver at all.
It is an alloy of 60% Copper, 20% Nickel, and 20% . It is prone to tarnish and will turn the skin
green with prolonged contact.

 What is Fine Silver?

Fine Silver is 99.9% Silver, also called Pure Silver.

What is 925 Silver?

925 Silver is Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% Silver plus other metals, usually copper.

What is Silver Plate?

Silver Plate is a thin layer of Silver over a base metal.

What is Pure Silver?

Pure Silver 99.9% Silver, also called Fine Silver.

What is Pewter?

Traditionally 85–99% tin, with the remainder consisting of copper, antimony, bismuth and sometimes, less commonly today, lead. Silver is also sometimes used. Copper and antimony act as hardeners while lead is common in the lower grades of pewter, which have a bluish tint. It has a low melting point, around 170–230 °C (338–446 °F), depending on the exact mixture of metals.

What is Stainless Steel?

Trish McCracken

Trish McCracken with Stainless Steel Necklace and Bracelet Set

Stainless Steel is a very hard and durable metal, often used for men’s Jewellery. It is
not traditionally used for Jewellery as it is a relatively recent metal and is very hard to
work. With more modern techniques, and with the high cost of Silver, it is becoming
very popular as a quality low cost alternative to precious metals.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten, or Tungsten Carbide, is a very hard MAN-MADE metal. Tungsten is highly scratch
resistant, and can normally only be scratch by a Diamond, Sapphire, or Ruby. Although
Tungsten is a very strong metal, it can be damaged by impact, as it is a brittle metal.

What is Titanium?

Titanium is the hardest NATURAL metal. It is three times the strength of Steel, and is stronger
than Gold, Silver, or Platinum. It is very light and in its 100% natural form is hypo-allergenic.

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic, or Ceramic Carbide Jewellery, is a very modern alternative to traditional metal
Jewellery. Ceramic Carbide is a laboratory created material, is extremely hard and scratch
resistant. It has that metallic feel and look and can be made in many different colours. By it self
as with Titanium it is also hypo-allergenic.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a very white metal with properties very similar to Platinum. It is very expensive
so is normally only used for Plating expensive metals so that they have that bright white colour.

What is Rhodium Plating?

Many metals, including White Gold and Silver are Plated in Rhodium so that they have that
very white high polished look. It is a very thin layer of Rhodium metal Plated over the Silver
or Gold. It is also used as an anti-tarnish coating, but when used on rings will need to be re-coated
every 12 to 36 months as it will wear.

What is Anti-Tarnish?

Anti-Tarnish is a layer that is added to Jewellery to reduce the effect of oxidation and discolouration.
It takes many forms, including different types of Coatings and Plating. Most of these surfaces
will wear off over time.

What is White Copper?

White Copper is an alloy of copper, tin and zinc. (Also called White Bronze)

What is White Bronze?

What is White Gold?

Gold is made up of Gold Plus Other Metals. If the “other metals” are copper or silver the gold
remains yellow, whereas if the “other metals” are palladium and/or nickel, they have a
“bleaching effect” and you get white gold.

14 kt gold is 14/24ths gold and 10/24ths other metals,
12 kt gold is 12/24ths gold and 12/24ths other metals,
10 kt gold is 10/24ths gold and 14/24ths other metals.